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Classification And Characteristics Of Abrasive Tools


Abrasives are very common in our daily life. They are mainly tools for grinding, grinding and polishing. For example, plastic products are generally processed with plastic abrasives; iron parts are generally made of metal abrasives. processed. But what exactly are abrasives?

1. First of all, abrasive tools are divided into various types, and different types of abrasive tools can be selected according to different situations.

The types of abrasive tools are divided into tight, medium and loose. Each type can be subdivided into various sub-categories. Generally, different tissue models are marked to distinguish and determine. In most cases, they are well distinguished.

2. Abrasive tools also have three elements. 

Abrasives are made of ordinary abrasives into a certain shape by a binder, and have a certain strength and hardness. Generally, it is composed of abrasives, bonding agents and pores. These three parts are called the three elements of bonded abrasives.

3. What are the advantages of abrasive tools?

Abrasive tools mainly have high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, and good grinding ability, which can make the overall appearance of the article more beautiful, fast polishing and good gloss, and the polished object will be smoother after polishing smooth.