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Abrasives Keep Pace With The Times


The development of abrasives has gone through thousands of years. The history of people's cognition, manufacture and use of abrasives and the history of human civilization are complementary and develop simultaneously. Especially in modern times, abrasives are called "industrial teeth", and their application range covers all fields of processing and manufacturing. With the diversification of processing needs, abrasives are also developing at an unprecedented speed. The existence of abrasives is far beyond the concept of traditional abrasives, and is deeply branded by design and human intervention. This article extracts part of the demand for abrasives in recent years in industrial development, and briefly presents the new era of abrasives.

With the improvement of modern processing technology and the development of the abrasives industry, the category of abrasives will be further expanded, and promoting innovation with new ones will be an important part of the new material industry. However, in the context of rising raw material prices, overcapacity of low-end products, and brutal homogeneous competition, differentiated, high-quality products must have a way out. Only by increasing investment in research and development of abrasives and products and insisting on innovation drive can we gain a firm foothold in the market and obtain development opportunities.